1-to-1 Negotiation & Conflict  Coaching

“To be heard, first learn to listen.”

Negotiation & Conflict Coaching is a one-to-one process designed prepare you to negotiate complex situations, make difficult decisions and optimize your resources.

Negotiation & Conflict coaching empowers you and optimizes your negotiation and communication skills so that you can create successful strategies for negotiating any dispute.

What you get:

  • An initial consultation (up to 2 hours) during which I  will:
    • Thoroughly explore your dilemmas with you
    • Create a written summary with initial suggestions for strategy


  • Up to six follow-up sessions designed to:
    • Organize your concerns into manageable parts
    • Determine your conflict style
    • Identify your needs and interests
    • Generate options and identify resources for addressing your needs
    • Develop the negotiation skills you need to address your concerns


  • A conflict analysis report that:
    • Breaks down your concerns into discrete, manageable issues
    • Summarizes and clarifies the issues by focusing on your needs and interests
    • Reviews the options
    • Explores the pros and cons of each option
    • Suggests negotiation strategies and resources to help you to exercise each option


Each option is tailored to your particular needs and your particular geographical location.  For example, if an option includes a referral to a service provider, I will research service providers in your area and give you information about those providers.

The report can be delivered to you by email in PDF or, if you prefer, a hard copy version of the report can be mailed to you.

The Negotiation & Conflict Coaching process can be modified to address especially complex situations and to accommodate urgent matters.

Consultations are available in person, by telephone or via Skype

Basic fee: $150/hr for 8 sessions

Additional coaching: $175/hour

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When is Negotiation & Conflict Coaching a good idea?


  • Your co-worker consistently neglects details in a project, leaving you to pick up the slack
  • You dread negotiating new contracts with your clients
  • You face a difficult decision and you just don’t know what to do.


What does Negotiation & Conflict Coaching do for me?

Negotiation & Conflict Coaching empowers you to turn any situation into an opportunity.  With Negotiation & Conflict Coaching you can gain the power of collaborative negotiation and overcome your fear of communicating about difficult issues.  Negotiation & Conflict Coaching also helps you to think creatively about options and resources you might have not considered before.

What will I learn?

As a Negotiation & Conflict Coaching client, you will learn how to become an active listener and problem-solver.  When you have mastered these skills you will know how to address conflict constructively and actually welcome conflict as an opportunity to strengthen your business and personal relationships. You will also learn about how to generate options by thinking from an interest-based, problem-solving perspective.

What happens in Negotiation & Conflict Coaching?

Working with me, you will thoroughly explore the events that lead to the conflict, understand the issues and perspectives that contribute to the conflict, and understand your options for resolving the conflict.  At your request, I will practice with you to reinforce the negotiation skills you need to know in order to address the issues that concern you.